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  Carol Vernon

Penney De Pas, M.A., CAE Executive Coach

How will clients benefit with you as their coach?

My coaching clients benefit with obtaining their goals and producing related results faster and easier than they could on their own. As a life coach, I work with the whole client and not just the career portion since all the client’s life is involved with their achievements. Sometimes it is something outside a person’s career or initial coaching focus that is preventing him/her from moving forward—usually something of which he/she is not even aware. As a coach, I help them identify the barriers and gaps that are keeping them from their desires and achievements.

What results have clients reported after working with you?

    Among the results my clients have reported:

  • Going from no money (“the wolf is at the door”) to a $1million producer in a year

  • Falling in love, changing religion, getting married, and combining households in a year

  • Finishing a book and buying a horse farm

  • Finding a job in four months in a poor economy

  • Organizing a move and buying a dog kennel in a few months, changing a job from in-person to remote working arrangement (first person to do that in that business)

  • Going from no money and no clients (contemplating taking a paying job) to a successful web design business that pays the bills (three months)

What do clients say about working with you?

  • "Your coaching helps me surface and release my secret, negative self-talk, enabling healing, understanding, trust, and new possibilities in my closest relationships. You encourage and support me to be re-empowered, make major decisions, forgive, let go, and move on to my bigger goals." —D. E., speaker

  • "Your coaching helps me focus on a daily basis, stay on the mark with my goals, improve relationships at work, and become more authentic and forthright in my communications, powerfully transforming my personal and professional lives." T. M., manager

  • "Your coaching is incredibly dependable and supportive. You are my measure of accountability and integrity. Your coaching was a wonderful experience; you knew how to play with the important goals in my life and move me towards them successfully." —S. R., CEO

  • "You coach me for my commitments even when I have lost sight of them myself!" —D. A., teacher

  • "Working with you gave me a fresh perspective and energized my job search. You helped me ‘think outside the box’ and research alternative routes. In only a few sessions, my perspective on life balance and a sense of fun have returned to me after four years!" – G. D., division manager seeking career change

  • "In only three months, your coaching helped me generate more clarity, new ideas and refresh my focus. The opportunity for non-threatening feedback and non-competitive sharing helped validate my ideas. By honing my listening skills and the ability to be with others, my company received the most significant piece of business yet from a nationally recognized retailer." – W. D., entrepreneur

  • "By steering me to address my work in smaller ‘chunks,’ utilize software tools, delegate to others so that they could contribute to me, and reduce my expectation that everything I do has to be ‘perfect’ (when ‘good enough’ is enough), you help me to focus, stay on task, manage an overwhelming workload, get more accomplished, and even have more time to enjoy my life outside of work." –N. F., attorney

  • "You helped me identify a problem I wasn’t even aware I had! You also assist me in invalidating those old voices playing untrue tunes in my head and still ruling my psyche, so that my authentic love and self-healing can resurface. You articulate and mirror back my utterings in new ways so that I can see more clearly into my soul." –L. C., free spirit

  • "In my second coaching term, things moved so much faster than I expected! My attitude improved by light years. For the first time in a very long time, I have a sense of happiness and belonging. You urge me to ‘have a plan, not to forget the plan, and stick with the plan.’" -J. L., administrative vice president

  • "By helping me to realize that I have a lot more to offer than I thought possible, to dream bigger, and to own my power, I was able to move in one year from not selling any real estate to top producer for our agency—from scarcity to abundance!"– M. S., realtor

  • "With your coaching, I felt listened to and more peaceful, and I have developed more self-confidence."– E. S.

What are 5 strengths you have as a coach?

  • My dependability and the stand I have for my clients’ success.

  • My ability to listen in a non-judgmental fashion.

  • My ability to distill a lot of verbiage into a succinct “aha” moment for the client.

  • My ability to verbalize a client’s situation into a distinct, simple, and direct statement.

  • Flexibility and an excellent memory.

What is your coaching philosophy?

Every person is a unique and special person who has the answers deep inside of them. My role, as coach, is to help them uncover those answers. I work with executives, leaders, creative individuals, people who are starting their own businesses or large projects, and spiritual seekers Most of my clients exceed their expectations more quickly than they imagined and they find that they obtain additional benefits that they did not know they would get. “Life Just Goes Better With Coaching!”™

What types of people do you typically coach?

  • Creative individuals & entrepreneurs

  • Non-profit organization leaders

  • Professionals managers

  • People in life transitions

  • People who want to optimize their effectiveness, maximize their profitability, create balance, and free up time for creativity and self-expression

What is your professional background?

  • Association Management
  • Since 1980, I have served as an Executive Director or Assistant Executive Director of some 30-plus trade associations, professional societies, and a licensing board through a multiple association management firm and direct ("captive") employment; have worked in association field since 1969. This is an extensive and varied background in association and non-profit work.
  • 1992 American Society of Association Executives Washington, DC
  • Certified Association Executive (CAE), renewed in 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004 & 2007
  • August 1985 to present Olson Management Group, Inc. Raleigh, NC Changed name to: FirstPoint Management Resources, Inc. 1/1/06 A for-profit association management firm managing a cadre of some 30 not-for-profit trade associations, professional societies, and occupational licensing boards. Senior Account Executive/Team Leader
  • Executive Director: Society of Financial Examiners, Society of Design Administrators, Art Libraries Society of North America, N.C. Association of Arts Councils, Assocation for Library and Information Science Education, N.C. Land Title Association, Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network, Southeast Electric Sign Association, American Polarity Therapy Association, SUB Centers, Inc, American Council for Epidemiology (Acting), Travel Council of North Carolina (Acting), North Carolina Dietetic Association (Acting), North Carolina Board of Podiatry Examiners (Associate), Multi-housing Laundry Association (Deputy), North Carolina Dietetic Association (Acting).
  • Assistant Executive Secretary & State Agency Liaison: North Carolina Board of Podiatry Examiners
  • Convention Coordinator: Multi-housing Laundry Association, Packaged Ice Association, N.C. Utility Contractors Association, N.C. Press Association, Advanced Cardiovascular Interventions Symposium.
  • Publications Coordinator: Multi-housing Laundry Association, American Society of Hand Therapists, National Association of Cardiovascular Technologists

    1980-1985 Ohio Regional Assn of Concert & Lecture Enterprises Executive Director Columbus, OH Coaching Training & Experience

  • Executive Coach & Personal Strategist,

    6/99-present BreakThrough/BreakFree Coaching Service, Raleigh, NC. 2003 Coach University Steamboat Springs, CO

  • Graduate, Coach Training Program

    June-July 1999 Coaches Academy Chapel Hill, NC

    1996-present Landmark Education Corp San Francisco, CA

  • Curriculum for Living graduate, SELP Coach, Wisdom & Communication Curricula

    Interim Assignments & Consultancies:

  • Instructor, 1/10-present “Finding the Artist Within”, “Making Time & Space for Your Art,” and “Advancing Your Artist Career,” Durham Arts Council, Durham, NC
  • Instructor, 4/09 “Stoking the Creative Fire: Making Time & Space for Art,” Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh, NC
  • Instructor, 3/06-present “Finding the Artist Within” & “Sustaining the Artist Within,” Pullen Arts Center, City of Raleigh, NC
  • Partner, 12/99-7/01 Collective Arts Gallery & Ceramic Supply, Raleigh, NC
  • Executive Director, 2/85-5/85 Arts Council of Wilson, Wilson, NC.
  • Executive Director, 10/84-2/85 Organization of Ohio Orchestras, Columbus, OH.
  • Arts Management Consultant, 6/85-8/85 Arts management consultant to individual artists, Carrboro, NC.

    Development/Fundraising Director/Consultant:

  • 11/84 Fundraising workshop leader, Indiana Presenters Network, Vincennes, IN.
  • 3/83-10/83 Ohio Humanities Council, Columbus, OH.
  • 12/80-2/82 Columbus Junior Theatre of the Arts, Columbus, OH.

    Formal Education 1980 Ohio State University Columbus, OH

  • M.A., Interdisciplinary Degree: art history, marketing, public relations & museum administration.

    1977-78 Ohio State University Columbus, OH

  • M.A. program, Department of History of Art

    1973 Elmira College Elmira, NY

  • B.A., French, art history & decorative arts, history, theatre
  • Graduated magna cum laude
  • Honors: French Circle Prize, German I Prize

    1972 University of Paris Paris, France

  • Certificat Pratique de Langue Francaise, Premier degré

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